Self Managed Websites, Matlock, Derbyshire Dales

Self Managed Websites for Small Businesses in Matlock, Derbyshire Tel: 07901 870345

As we all become more computer literate, the demand for being able to update company websites in-house becomes greater.

At Matlock Web Design, all of our websites are built using bespoke Content Management System (CMS) software that allows our clients (if they wish to) to:

  • add new web pages
  • edit existing web pages
  • add images to their gallery
  • add team member to the Team page
  • add products to their online sotre
  • change prices within their store
  • write and publish a blog
  • accept a testimonial added by a happy client

Our easy-to-use CMS is super-fast and, if you're familiar with products like Microsoft Word, you'll easily adapt to our software if you want to maintain more control over your company website.

Alternatively, if you would rather the updating was carried out by us, we can do that whenever you provide us with fresh content!