First Class For Free

First Class For Free website, designed by Matlock Web Design

Supporting the fantastic travel book by author Robert Farrugia, the website has a fantastic travel blog giving hints, tips and opinion for travel throughout the World.

The website also has an ecommerce section that allows purchasing of the book.

We love the imagery and colours of this website.

The homepage sets the tone with a bold proclamation: "FIRST CLASS FOR FREE – How to Get Luxury Travel For Less." It invites visitors to imagine the joy of flying comfortably to their dream destinations, accompanied by the pleasures of a good book and complimentary wine, all made possible by understanding the intricacies of the airline industry.

The centerpiece of the website is a book that serves as a guide to achieving stylish travel without breaking the bank. Readers will discover valuable insights on protecting themselves from potential travel hiccups and ensuring they have adequate cover for their dream journeys.

The content delves into essential topics, such as selecting the right travel insurance and choosing airlines and alliances wisely. It also offers an in-depth exploration of tools and techniques to uncover premium fares, maximizing mileage runs for those who seek more from their travel experiences.

Going beyond the individual traveler, the website also emphasizes environmental responsibility. It provides practical advice on how to mitigate one's environmental impact for the planet's welfare, aligning with the growing importance of sustainable travel practices.

In summary, my web design for this travel-focused client showcases the allure of luxury travel on a budget, guided by a comprehensive book that covers everything from travel essentials to environmental stewardship. Explore the site to see how I brought this vision to life through engaging design and seamless functionality.

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