Chair & Table Hire

Website for Chair & Table Hire Yorkshire, by Matlock Web Design

The family team at Chair & Table Hire, Yorkshire, wanted a fresh looking website with plenty of white space to showcase their huge range of tables and chairs for hire.

Firstly, we got their branding right and then created the website based around the look and feel of their branding guidelines.

The layout is simple, with 2 main gallery pages - one for chair hire and the other for table hire, which shows furniture clearly organised, named and photographed.

This website showcases an elegant and functional design, catering specifically to the event furniture rental niche. The layout is user-friendly, featuring a clear navigation menu with sections such as Home, Chairs, Tables, Gallery, and Contact, ensuring visitors can easily access relevant information.

Target Audience and Services: The content on the homepage emphasizes the website's expertise in supplying chairs and tables for various events, including weddings, parties, fêtes, and beer festivals. The website caters to individuals or organizations planning large social occasions that require additional furniture. The use of bold and concise headings, such as "FOR WEDDINGS & EVENTS," clearly communicates the primary focus of the services.

Geographic Coverage: A noteworthy feature highlighted on the homepage is the company's strategic location in Barnsley, emphasizing its ability to provide event furniture throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire, and the North Midlands. This information is crucial for potential clients seeking services in these regions.

Visual Appeal: The inclusion of "CLICK HERE" buttons for exploring the range of tables and chairs adds a call-to-action element, encouraging visitors to engage with the content actively. The website is likely to offer a visually appealing gallery section, showcasing its range of furniture in various event settings.

Contact Information: The "CONTACT US" section is prominently displayed, making it easy for potential clients to get in touch. This is crucial for establishing a seamless communication channel and facilitating the booking process.

Overall Impression: The website exudes professionalism and a keen understanding of the event furniture rental industry. The combination of informative content, strategic location emphasis, and clear calls to action creates a positive user experience. The design effectively balances aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that visitors can quickly find the information they need.

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